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Publiserte artikler som er relatert til arbeid i Oslo Economics

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Asphaug, L., Thiele, M., Krag, A., & Melberg, H. O. (2020). Cost‐effectiveness of noninvasive screening for alcohol‐related liver fibrosis. Hepatology, 71(6), 2093-2104.

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Tidsskrift ikke tildelt nivå

Sæther EM, Bugge C, Kristiansen IS (2017). Den nye virkeligheten. Overlegen 2-2017:26-7.

Working papers

Sten-Gahmberg S, Bråten RH (2021) Psykiske diagnoser blant unge.

Sten-Gahmberg S, Bråten RH (2021) Unge uføre og veien til uføretrygd. Til vurdering i Søkelys på arbeidslivet.

Bråten RH, Johanson ML, Sten-Gahmberg S, Falch NS, Bütikofer A, Breit E, Sæther EM (2019) Arbeidsutprøving hos egen arbeidsgiver for mottakere av arbeidsavklaringspenger. sendt til Søkelys på arbeidslivet (nivå 1)

Braunfels E, Gramstad A, Skaar J (2019). Efficiency Gains vs. Internalization of Rivalry: Brand-Level Evidence from a Merger in the Mobile Telecom Market. Tilgjengelig på: 3_2019-Effiency-Gains-vs-Internalization-of-Rivalry.pdf (

Bugge C, Sæther EM, Brustugun OT, Kristiansen IS. Societal and indirect costs of cancer: Useful for policy-makers – or just big numbers? (Health policy)

Bugge C, Kaasa S, Sæther EM, Melberg HO, Kristiansen IS. Use of anti-cancer treatment during the last year of life in a public health care system (BMC cancer)

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Bugge C (2021) Potential for optimizing management of lipid lowering drugs in Norway:  nationwide registry-based study, 2010–19 

Bugge C (2021) Retention and effectiveness of migraine preventive treatment in Norway: a nationwide registry-based cohort study, 2010–2020

Bugge C (2021) Drug treatment patterns and effects for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients In Norway

Bugge C (2021) Health Care Utilization and Societal Cost of Myasthenia Gravis in Norway – a non-interventional study using register data

Publiserte artikler fra medarbeidere i Oslo Economics (utarbeidet uavhengig av arbeid i Oslo Economics)

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Nivå 1

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Working papers

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