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Labor market, welfare and society

Potential for increased use of the Norwegian trainee scheme

All Nordic countries allow students from countries outside the EEA to be interns in their own country. We have, in collaboration with lawyer Vegard Bahus and the Frisch Centre, evaluated the scheme and regulations that grant temporary residence and work permits for trainees from countries outside the EEA.

The proposal of a special compensation scheme to the “oil pioneers”

“Oil pioneers” have suffered health damages after being exposed to chemicals and toxic materials during their work offshore. A commission is now set up to create a compensation scheme for these pioneers.

Knowledge gathering – electronic voting

Oslo Economics and Norsk Regnesentral will carry out a study on electronic voting.

Evaluation of the work relevance in Norwegian nursing education

Oslo Economics will evaluate the work relevance in Norwegian nursing education for the local health services.

How are pupils in upper secondary school in Nordland affected by living in away from home?

Oslo Economics will gather information about pupils on upper secondary education schools in Nordland, who has to live away from home during their education.

How can we measure whether NAV succeed in getting more people into work?

The current performance indicator in NAV measures the proportion of NAV’s users who are employed six months after they have […]

Oslo Economics will evaluate the subsidy scheme “Nasjonalt bo- og støttetilbud”

Oslo Economics will now evaluate the subsidy scheme “Nasjonalt bo- og støttetilbud til unge over 18 år utsatt for tvangsekteskap og æresrelatert vold”

What are the reasons for the increasing number of young people who receive disability benefits in Norway?

An increasing number of young people receive disability benefits in Norway. Ragnhild Haugli Bråten and Susanna Sten-Gahmberg have published a […]

Evaluation of strategic collaboration arrangements between NAV and higher education institutions

The purpose of the agreements is to increase interest in researching NAV-relevant issues and increase knowledge about NAV and its policy areas.

Guide for calculation of cost and fee regulations in construction matters

Oslo Economics, together with the lawyers Nikolai K. Winge and Fredrik Holth, has assisted the Ministry of Local Government and […]

Oslo Economics has evaluated the investment regime in Oslo municipality

To improve the investment regime, Oslo Economics and Atkins have in 2021 evaluated how Oslo Municipality’s instructions for the decision-making […]

Oslo Economics will study the effects of removing or reducing VAT on repairs

On behalf of the Consumer Council, Oslo Economics will study the effects of a reduction or removal of VAT on […]