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Concept Evaluation and Quality Assurance

When the government is in the process of deciding on major investments, it is important to highlight the alternatives that best serve the needs of society. Oslo Economics assists in defining and describing relevant concepts based on applicable needs, goals, and framework conditions. Thereafter, we offer a recommendation based on thorough calculations and assessments of the costs and benefits for society that are associated with the investment. We have extensive experience with analyses of investments in the transportation sector (roads, railways, and aviation), national defense, correctional facilities, police stations, research laboratories, IT solutions in the public sector, new hospitals, and cultural buildings.

We assist with:

  • The problem statements
  • Gap analysis
  • Analysis of overall strategy (goals and framework conditions)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Alternative analysis
  • Economic assessments
  • Implementation strategies

Oslo Economics has extensive knowledge of the Norwegian state’s project model (the Norwegian Ministry of Finance’s KS scheme), as well as public decision processes. We conduct analyses aligned with the framework of the Ministry of Finance’s quality assurance regime (KS1/KS2), and equivalent frameworks for analyses in the municipal sector and the health trusts (KSK). We assist in the preparation of concept evaluations (KVU) and feasibility studies, and we have framework agreements as quality assurers with the Ministry of Finance, Bane NOR, Nye Veier, health trusts, and municipalities.

We apply our competence in assessments of consequences in several fields for a range of different clients. In addition to consequences of investments, we also conduct impact assessments of legislative and regulatory changes, reorganization, and changes in exogenous framework conditions. Our services include:

  • Impact assessments for society and/or companies
  • Consequence analyses of implemented changes
  • Impact assessments of proposals for new projects
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Marit Svensgaard
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Rolf Sverre Asp
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