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Culture, Sports and Media

Economic grants are important for financing continued activity as well as new initiatives within culture and sports. Cost/benefit analyses are critical in influencing grant decisions. Several of our consultants have extensive experience working on issues related to culture and sports, such as analysis within the field of performance arts, music events, production and distribution of music, museum operations, distribution of literature, film production, broadcasting, cultural centers, archives, as well as organization and management of sport activities, sports events, and facilities.

The media markets are in a midst of a transition, and digitalization, as well as distribution through the internet, creates both challenges and opportunities for market actors. Furthermore, the markets are regulated through both sector-specific regulations and general competition law. Oslo Economics is among the leading analysis- and consulting environments within media economics in Norway, and we also cooperate with other leading research institutions. We have solid economic expertise, a good understanding of business models, as well as knowledge of regulatory conditions.