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Oslo Economics will evaluate the subsidy scheme “Nasjonalt bo- og støttetilbud”

29.04.2022 - Labor market, welfare and society

In 2008, the subsidy scheme “Nasjonalt bo- og støttetilbud til unge over 18 år utsatt for tvangsekteskap og æresrelatert vold” was established. The purpose of the housing and support offer is to provide users with help within a safe framework for re-establishment, and to be able to live as normal a life as possible. This is done by providing an adapted short-term offer to young people over the age of 18 who have been subjected to forced marriage, honor-related violence and negative social control. The offer shall be a supplement to the municipalities’ statutory assistance and services. Oslo Economics will now, on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, evaluate the subsidy scheme. 

The purpose of the announced project is to evaluate the subsidy scheme in line with the guidelines in the Regulations for financial management in the state, regulating how grant schemes shall be evaluated in order to obtain information on whether the scheme is effective in terms of resource use, organization and set goals. 

We have divided the main issues into sub-questions that we will answer by assessing performance indicators. The indicators are measured by using a combination of systematization of available information, supplemented by data obtained through in-depth interviews with several informants in the various municipalities that have received grants, as well as relevant actors in the government apparatus that administer the grant scheme. In this way, we will be able to get a broad and good information basis for evaluating the subsidy scheme in accordance with the announcement from the Ministry of Labor and Social Inclusion. 

Magne Krogstad Asphjell
Magne Krogstad Asphjell
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