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Transportation and Logistics

Efficient transportation services and logistics are a key driver of economic growth and competitiveness. However, the transportation industry is at the core of the push towards a green economy, with the industry’s carbon footprint being a full third of Norway’s overall emissions. Oslo Economics provides the analysis and insights necessary to understand the needs for transportation infrastructure and regulations, as well as determining which measures are most suited to fulfil those needs. We have competance witin:

  • Concept evaluation and quality assurance of infrastructure investments within roads, railroads, and the aerospace and maritime sectors
  • Projection models and trend analysis of passenger and freight transportation
  • Price analysis of infrastructure projects and determining optimal taxes and fees
  • Quantifying demand for transportation models
  • Advising purchases of transportation services
  • Impact assessment of tax and import duties, as well as governance of border controls and postal services
  • Competitive analyses of the markets for passenger and freight transportation

Our consultants have in-depth industry experience and are familiar with the most important analytical tools for analysis of transportation and logistics. These include transportation models and frameworks for tailored cost-benefit analyses. Additionally, we leverage our expertise within competition law and economics in our work to provide valuable insights into the relationship between planning and the market. 

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Rolf Sverre Asp
Rolf Sverre Asp
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Ove Skaug Halsos