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Public Procurement

Norwegian public procurement in the form of purchases of goods, services and investments amounted to NOK 611 billion in 2020, or around 18 per cent of gross national product. More efficient and better public procurement, done in accordance with laws and regulation, can give significant benefits to society. Our expertise covers:

  • Assistance in public procurements processes, including
  • Needs clarification and estimation, including statistical analyzes
    • Supplier market and competition analyzes
    • Development of procurement strategies
    • Supplier audits
    • Other assistance
  • Advice on the organization of procurement functions
  • Study and evaluation of measures to achieve public goals in the procurement area

We have extended experience from work on behalf of the Norwegian government, regional/local authorities and other public agencies. We have contacts with leading public procurement lawyers with whom we can collaborate.

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Ove Skaug Halsos
Ove Skaug Halsos