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Resources and Sustainability

The way we manage our common natural resources and secure a sustainable development of our society are among the greatest challenges of our time. An increased focus on energy efficiency, responsible management of nature, and use of renewable energy sources is necessary to secure the transition to a low-emission society, as well as reaching the UN Sustainability Goals and the targets of the Paris Agreement. The restructuring of the energy sector, electrification, and the establishment of new sustainable industries, are important parts of the transition towards a low-emission society.

Oslo Economics has extensive experience from different parts of the energy sector, such as:

  • Market design
  • Competition conditions
  • Regulation of the power grid
  • Tariff design
  • Operation of the power system
  • EU regulations
  • Power grid development and other grid investments

The environmental-, natural-, and resource economy is becoming increasingly important to businesses and authorities. Within this field, our consultants have broad expertise on a range of areas, including:

  • Assessments of impacts on nature and environment
  • National and international regulations and objectives
  • Costs of reversing natural encroachments
  • Valuation of natural resources and ecosystem services

We use economic theory as a foundation in all our analyses, and our goal is to conduct thorough and holistic analyses, and present results, findings, and recommendations in a clear manner that creates a solid and holistic foundation for decision makers.