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Public Sector

The public sector plays an important role in Norwegian society by supplying a broad range of services and acting as a regulator for private enterprises. Public enterprises have a heightened responsibility to ensure that common resources are utilized in an efficient manner and to ensure that private businesses that provide societal benefits are given solid framework conditions. Oslo Economics conducts analyses that help businesses in the public sector make decisions based on solid foundations. Several of our employees have backgrounds from public administration and they have a thorough understanding of the operation and projects of the public sector. Our consultants have competencies within:

  • The public sector’s role as an authority, a provider of statutory services, and involvement in economic activity.
  • Organization of public enterprises
  • Business management in the public sector
  • Use of policies
  • The financing system of the state and municipalities

We utilize our expertise to put policies into the framework in which public enterprises operate. This includes determining which targets are relevant and possible to anchor in overall strategy and decisions, as well as deciding the relevant action space based on mandates and laws.

We strive to clarify consequences of policies on the entire public sector, as well as impacts on society as a whole.