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Labor and Welfare

An inclusive and well-functioning labor market, good welfare services, and other measures to ensure integration and participation in society are crucial, not only to the individual citizen but for society overall. In Norway, key functions to ensure a well-functioning and inclusive labor market, as well as good welfare services, are represented by several public entities. This includes the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), the Norwegian State Housing Bank (Husbanken), the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir), the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (Inkluderings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet), as well as municipal child welfare services and health and care services. Good solutions and efficient use of resources often require holistic strategies and close cooperation between different sectors and management levels.

Oslo Economics has substantial method knowledge and comprehensive experience working with issues within this field. Several of our employees have expertise at doctorate level. Our services include conducting R&D projects within labor markets, integration and housing issues, as well as competence and education. We cooperate closely with other research centers. Overall, we have key competencies within:

  • The economics of labor markets
  • Labor market policies and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)
  • Organization and production of welfare services
  • Child care and upbringing
  • Child welfare services
  • Housing challenges
  • Education and research
  • Integration and diversity
  • Consumer rights