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Supreme Court allows merger between digital platforms for sales of used cars

Last week, the Supreme Court arrived at the decision to allow the merger between digital platforms for sales of used cars. Key in the decision was the question of market definition, i.e., whether the two platforms compete in the same relevant market.

Does primary health care teams contribute to better health care services for patients at the general practitioner offices?

Since April 2018, a total of 17 general practitioner (GP) offices have participated in a pilot project with primary health care teams (PHT) and two alternative financing schemes. Results from the pilot study indicate that GP offices experience that PHT offer new solutions to their challenges, and further that most patients were satisfied with the follow-up and would like to continue with nurse consultations

Oslo Economics’ work provides knowledge for important decisions

Our work is now part of The Official Norwegian Report NOU2023:4 Tid for handling, which was published by the Ministry og Health and Care Services this week.

Potential for increased use of the Norwegian trainee scheme

All Nordic countries allow students from countries outside the EEA to be interns in their own country. We have, in collaboration with lawyer Vegard Bahus and the Frisch Centre, evaluated the scheme and regulations that grant temporary residence and work permits for trainees from countries outside the EEA.

The proposal of a special compensation scheme to the “oil pioneers”

“Oil pioneers” have suffered health damages after being exposed to chemicals and toxic materials during their work offshore. A commission is now set up to create a compensation scheme for these pioneers.

Payment in damages reduced in half in Court of Appeals verdict

Bodø municipality was convicted in the District Couurt to pay MNOK 90 in damages for a violation of public procurement law. The municipality appealed the verdict, and Oslo Economics has assisted the municipality in evaluating the plaintiff’s calucation, and to prepare adjusted damage estimations. The Court of Appeals reduced the damage fee to MNOK 45, which is consistent with Oslo Economics’ estimate.

Potential for improvement in treatment of lipid lowering drugs

Do patients take medication as prescribed or is there a potential for improvement?

Oslo Economics have presented their ongoing study on myasthenia gravis in the U.S. and Denmark 

Oslo Economics, UCB Pharma and the University of Bergen are currently collaborating on a research project about the societal costs of myasthenia in Norway.

How can we motivate seniors to stay longer in their health care professions?

On behalf of The Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo Economics will investigate work participation among seniors in the health care sector.

Oslo Economics has moved

We have moved into new offices in Vika, just a stone’s throw away from our previous home

Oslo Economics expands internationally

Oslo Economics continues its strong growth by entering the German and EU market with a presence in Berlin.

Knowledge gathering – electronic voting

Oslo Economics and Norsk Regnesentral will carry out a study on electronic voting.

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