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Evaluations are necessary to ascertain the effectiveness, consequences, and accuracy of policy proposals and practices. Oslo Economics has extensive experience conducting evaluations and analyses within a broad spectrum of industries and subjects. We are a member of Norsk Evalueringsforening (NEF) and can provide our clients with evaluations of programs, projects, measures, and benchmarks. Our consultants have a broad competence within evaluating performance, effectiveness (goal efficiency, cost efficiency, and socioeconomic efficiency), as well as organizational structure. This encompasses the identification of effects and causal relationships, as well as estimating the effects and weighing these against the objectives ascribed to that specific measure. To perform our evaluations, we employ a wide range of information gathering and analysis techniques, both qualitative and quantitative.

Our consultants have experience applying a variety of evaluation models and are very familiar with the rules and regulations regarding evaluations within the public sector. Our experience with evaluations combined with our methodical approach ensures we understand the relation between the purpose of the evaluation and the associated need for methods and data collection. We combine quantitative data and qualitative methods for data collection in our evaluation processes to provide our clients with actionable information and insights from a variety of sources.