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Competition and Market Analysis

General competition law- and in some cases sector-specific regulations – place constraints on how businesses can act in a market. Economic analysis is in many cases necessary to determine the scope of measures available to businesses and authorities. Oslo Economics is one of the leading environments within competition economics in the Nordic region. Several of our employees have held central positions in the Norwegian Competition Authority, have research experience in the field, and are listed among the leading competition economists in the world. Based on our expertise, understanding of markets and leading professional methods, we help clients to understand and adhere to requirements, regulatory interventions, and limitations that affect their operations. In addition to providing evaluations and advice, we also participate within research and public debate on the field. Oslo Economics offers reports on competition economics, market analyses, and wider assistance on topics within the economics of competition and regulation. 

We support businesses and interest groups in issues that are investigated by national and international competition authorities in such cases as:

  • Mergers
  • Violations of competition law
  • Compensation

We can assist authorities and other interested parties with expertise within:

  • Sector-specific regulations
  • Public procurements
  • State aid

We have expertise at doctorate level from both theoretical and empirical issues within economics of competition and regulation. Furthermore, we cooperate with leading jurists of competition law to provide relevant advice and analysis in cases regarding competition and compensation.