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Oslo Economics assigned with exploring the future of coastal shipping in Norway

14.05.2024 - Uncategorized

The Coastal Route between Bergen and Kirkenes has been a lifeline for communities along the coast since its opening in 1893. Hurtigruten and Havila Kystruten have concessions to operate the route, with 7 and 4 ships respectively. The concession is subject to competition via public tender. A new tender for the operation of the route from 2030 is soon due and Oslo Economics has been commissioned to explore various aspects of the coastal route operation. In this context, we will examine transportation needs for passengers and freight, environmental impacts, and the potential for tightening environmental requirements.

The Ministry of Transport has announced the assignment in a press release, where the Minister of Transport, Jon-Ivar Nygård states:

“We need more knowledge about the basic transportation needs along the coast, and how these can be met in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The goal is to provide the best possible transport service for people along the coast.”

The Coastal Route stops at 34 locations, transporting various passenger groups and types of goods. Its attractiveness and brand value for tourism help finance its operation. Requirements set in the tender, in turn, such as environmental standards and route schedule ensure the Coastal Route’s attractiveness as a unique travel experience. As a result, tourism and transportation go hand in hand. In this assignment, we will gather extensive information through interviews and from various statistics to establish the best possible basis for decision-making in the further development of the Coastal Route.

Ove Skaug Halsos
Ove Skaug Halsos
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