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Expert testimony in multimillion Euro “earn-out” damages case

11.07.2023 - Commercial Lititgation and Damages

Oslo Economics has recently acted as economic expert in a dispute about earn-out payments connected to an alleged breach of a best-effort clause in a shares purchase agreement. Damages claimed amounted to over 1.6 billion NOK (ca. 140 million EUR). Oslo Economics provided an economic evaluation of the claim and damage estimates.

The case was handled under the arbitration rules of the SCC Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Oslo Economics provides analysis and expertise in commercial litigation and damages cases

Oslo Economics has extensive experience advising on complex cases where the stakes are high. We deliver reliable, independent expert reports and testimonies about relevant economic questions and damage assessments.

You can find out more about the topic here.

Jostein Skaar
Jostein Skaar
Elias Braunfels
Elias Braunfels
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