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The proposal from the Abortion Committee will provide an increased degree of reproductive freedom for women.

14.12.2023 - Health and life science

On behalf of the Abortion Committee, Oslo Economics has assessed the economic consequences of the committee’s proposed changes to the abortion law, as well as other measures related to improved information, increased competence in healthcare services, and more knowledge about abortion in Norway.

The abortion law was passed in 1975, and except for the introduction of elective abortion in 1978, the law has been changed little since. The possibility of fetal diagnostics has shifted the abortion debate in recent years, focusing largely on abortions justified by fetal abnormalities.

The majority of the committee proposes moving the limit for elective abortion from week 12 to week 18. The proposal is estimated to result in a reduction of approximately 435 board-reviewed requests for abortion each year. In addition, an extended limit for elective abortion will increase the degree of reproductive freedom for women. The reduction in the number of requests will save time for the woman seeking abortion, relatives, board members, other healthcare professionals at the hospital, and social workers.

Estimates of the economic consequences of the measures are illuminated in the committee’s report.

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Erik Magnus Sæther
Erik Magnus Sæther
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