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Evaluation of measures in primary healthcare services

22.05.2024 - Health and life science

In 2023, more general practitioners were recruited than ever before, with 521 new GPs joining the scheme. There have been several positive changes regarding the situation of GPs. GPs are more satisfied with their workload and report somewhat lower working hours compared to previous years. 2023 marked a significant step in a long-term development towards a GP scheme with more GPs, shorter patient lists, and a higher prevalence of municipally employed GPs. The basic allowance (the GP’s income per patient on their list) increased by an average of 28 percent in 2023. Increased funding has been positive, however GPs are unhappy that the basic allowance is now adjusted according to individual patient characteristics rather than being a basic per capita fee.

There are still significant challenges related to the population’s access to general medical services. The number of residents without a GP remains at a historically high level, and half of the population lives in municipalities where there are no available spots on GP lists. GPs are satisfied with the current organization, but multidisciplinary collaboration and task sharing at GP offices will be important going forward. If the trend continues, many GPs will need to be recruited in the coming years.

On behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo Economics and the University of Oslo, in collaboration with several subject matter experts, are conducting a follow-up evaluation of measures in primary healthcare services. The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the effects of implemented measures and the extent to which the goals for the development of primary healthcare services are being achieved. The work is documented in annual evaluation reports, and this year’s report is the third in the series.

This year’s report can be read here.

Attachments to this year’s report can be read here.

Evaluation Report II (published May 2023) can be read here.

Evaluation Report I (published May 2022) can be read here.

Erik Magnus Sæther
Erik Magnus Sæther
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