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Does primary health care teams contribute to better health care services for patients at the general practitioner offices?

06.02.2023 - Health and life science

Since April 2018, a total of 17 general practitioner (GP) offices have participated in a pilot project with primary health care teams (PHT) and two alternative financing schemes. Results from the pilot study indicate that the pilot GP offices organize their teamwork in various ways yet experience that PHT offer new solutions to their challenges. Results from a survey among patients who received care from a PHT nurse, showed that most patients were satisfied with the follow-up and would like to continue with nurse consultations. The patients particularly appreciated information from and conversations with the nurses. In addition, the registry-based analysis suggests that the two financing schemes are suitable for different GP offices, and that most of the pilot offices have selected the one that fits them best.

PHT is an interdisciplinary team that consist of a general practitioner, a nurse, and a health secretary. Targeted patient groups include (but are not limited to) users with chronic diseases, users with a mental illness, users with drug addiction, users considered “frailty elderly”, and users with disabilities.

Oslo Economics have, in collaboration with researchers from the Institute of Health and Society, the University of Oslo, and the Norwegian Centre for Rural Medicine, the University of Tromsø, conducted an evaluation of the pilot project. This evaluation is conducted on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The fifth status report is now published in Norwegian.

Erik Magnus Sæther
Erik Magnus Sæther
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