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Potential for improvement in treatment of lipid lowering drugs

30.11.2022 - Health and life science

Do patients take medication as prescribed or is there a potential for improvement?

Ingrid Engebretsen, Christoffer Bugge, Ivar Sønbø Kristiansen and Henrik Støvring from Oslo Economics have recently published a study on treatment of lipid lowering drugs in Norway.

The study shows that there is potential for improvement in treatment of lipid lowering drugs. Doctors often prescribe less effective lipid lowering drugs, and they prescribe too low doses. Furthermore, many patients discontinue treatment or have considerable treatment gaps.

The study is a collaboration between Oslo Economics, cardiologists John Munkhaugen (Drammen Hospital) and Sigrun Halvorsen (Oslo University Hopsital), and Kristina Ødegaard from Novartis Norway. The study is published in European Heart Journal Open and the article is Editor’s choice in this issue.

The article is available here.

The study was financed by Novartis Norway.

Erik Magnus Sæther
Erik Magnus Sæther
Christoffer Bugge
Christoffer Bugge
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