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Access to advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) in Norway and Europe

06.05.2021 - Health and life science

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), are new treatment principles based on the use of genetic material for the purpose of regulating, repairing, replacing, adding or removing a gene sequence that causes disease or injury. It is a new technology for clinicians, decision makers and patients alike. The technology behind ATMPs makes it possible to treat patients who previously had no treatment available for them, or to give patients a significantly better alternative to existing treatments. However, established systems for assessment and approval of public healthcare funding are not designed with this type of treatment in mind, and there is a growing need to develop new mechanisms for health technology assessments (HTAs) and funding.

Oslo Economics has conducted a survey of access to ATMPs in the Nordic region, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The survey shows that access to ATMPs is more limited in the Nordic region than in the other European countries.

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