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Mid-term evaluation of the Adina Foundation Uganda’s project

30.05.2022 - Evaluations

Oslo Economics is conducting a mid-term evaluation of the Adina Foundation Uganda’s (AFU) project «Lira Rehabilitation Center». AFU operates a rehabilitation center in Lira, Uganda that offers comprehensive support for children with physical disabilities in the Lango district.

The project focuses on location, assessment, rehabilitation and follow up of children with physical disabilities, as well as activities within citizen involvement, literacy training, advocacy training, vocational training, financial training, saving schemes and more for the children’s families and communities. AFU has received a five-year grant from Norad for the 2020-2024 period to partially fund their operation. The evaluation methodology is based on the OECD’s framework for evaluations, where evaluation questions and indicators are developed based on the project’s goals and activities.

The result of the evaluation shall be an assessment of the project’s efficacy, impact and sustainability, in addition to strategic advice on adjustments to the project’s structure for the remainder of the project period.

Svend Boye
Svend Boye
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