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How vulnerable is Norway to crises in global supply chains?

27.02.2023 - Resources and sustainability

Over the past decades, markets for goods and services have evolved towards globalized and international value and supply chains. International trade has benefited Norway in many ways, providing Norwegian consumers with lower prices and a greater variety of products. However, complex international supply chains have also made us more vulnerable to crises.

Recent challenges such as the pandemic, conflicts in Europe, export restrictions, and changing trade policies and geopolitical conditions have put supply systems to the test. Despite the adaptability of the markets for the goods and services we depend on the most, this has created increased awareness and attention to potential future challenges.

The Norwegian government now seeks updated knowledge on how global and international markets are affected by crises, vulnerabilities in supply chains, and the consequences of disruptions in these markets. Therefore, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries has launched a research project on this topic. Oslo Economics, as the main contractor for a consortium consisting of SINTEF Ocean, NUPI, and NIBIO, has won the competition to conduct the research project.

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