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Oslo Economics assists in several major assignments in the field of interpreting

23.11.2021 - Public sector

In the period 2021-2022, Oslo Economics is working on several large assignments in the field of interpreting. On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research (KD), we are conducting a study on the organization of remote interpreting and interpreting in the public sector, in collaboration with subcontractor Agenda Kaupang. The assignment involves mapping whether there is a need for a special organization of remote interpreting (telephone and screen interpreting) and interpreting services in the public sector, and how the offer should be organized and adapted to technological development. Furthermore, the purpose is to calculate the costs of public bodies by investing in and operating remote interpreting, and to calculate possible benefits from the use of remote interpreting increasing. The final report from the assignment will be submitted to KD at the beginning of 2022.

We also collaborate with Agenda Kaupang (main supplier) and Proba social analysis to contribute to knowledge development in the field of interpreting, in an assignment from the Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDi). The new Interpreting Act will create increased demand and increased use of qualified interpreters in the public sector. In order to meet society’s need for interpreting services, it is necessary to have good methods for mapping and measuring the use of interpreters in the public sector, as well as making projections of interpreting needs. There is also a need for increased knowledge about interpreters’ working conditions, and how these affect the market and professional development. Oslo Economics will in particular assist in the work of assessing society’s need for interpreters and implementing projections of the need for interpreters over time. The final report from the assignment will be delivered during the spring of 2022.