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Publication on local activities in the Norwegian Sociological Journal

23.11.2021 - Culture and media

Our employees Marit Svensgaard and Christoffer Bugge, among others, have received an article about the scheme with local activity funds (LAM) in the Norwegian Sociological Journal. In the article, they answer how Norwegian state sports policy works from the time it is formed until it is implemented in sports teams and whether the implementation works according to the intentions. They examine how sports councils and sports teams perceive the LAM scheme based on information from questionnaires and interviews. LAM is the only part of the allocation of toys administered by the Ministry of Culture that goes in full to local sports. The findings show, firstly, that the sports councils, which administer the LAM scheme locally, and sports teams where activity is carried out perceive that the scheme works well. The sports councils are most clearly in this view. Secondly, the findings suggest that the scheme has a better effect today than a few years ago. Based on the theory of implementation tools, the authors discuss how financial framework grants contribute to the overall political vision of sports and physical activity for all.

Read the full article here .

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