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Payment in damages reduced in half in Court of Appeals verdict

08.12.2022 - Commercial Lititgation and Damages

In January of 2022 Bodø municipality in Norway was convicted in the District Court to pay MNOK 90 in damages following a violation of public procurement law. The damage amount was based on the plaintiff’s calculation of the economic harm inflicted due to the alleged breach.

Bodø municipality appealed the verdict, and Oslo Economics assisted the municipality in evaluating the plaintiff’s calculation, and to prepare adjusted damage estimations.

At the end of November, the Court of Appeals reached its verdict. The court reduced the damage fee to MNOK 45, which is consistent with the damage estimate that Oslo Economics had arrived at in our report. For Bodø municipality, this means that the damage fee is reduced in half compared to the initial verdict.

Oslo Economics offers support within commercial litigation and damages

Oslo Economics has extensive experience in advising and representing clients in high stake cases, providing expert testimonies and economic reports based on comprehensive analyses.

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Jostein Skaar
Jostein Skaar