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Mari Mjølhus Kristoffersen

Mari Mjølhus Kristoffersen holds an MPhil in health economics, policy and management from the University of Oslo, where she majored in economic evaluation. From the same institution she has been a research assistant at the Institute of Health and Society. She holds a bachelor`s degree in economics from the University of Bergen. Mari has contributed on many projects, and has particular experience within the field of health care, welfare, and social security. Her work includes strategic advising and planning for official studies, economic analyses, literature reviews, mapping studies, socio-economic analyses, and health technology assessments for governmental institutions and authorities, businesses, and organizations. She has also experience in management and analyses of large data sets, economic analyses and modelling from work in Oslo Economics as well as previous work at the University of Oslo. This work has provided Mari with extensive knowledge in structuration, analyzation, and visualization of various data sources.

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