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New employees strengthen Oslo Economics’ competence in energy and environmental economics

02.03.2022 - Resources and sustainability

Oslo Economics has extensive experience from different parts of the energy sector. We now strengthen our competence further by hiring Carl-Petter Haugland and Ingunn Gotland Roll.

Carl-Petter has previously worked for the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett. In Statnett, Carl-Petter held various roles, including management and analytical functions. He also has considerable knowledge of decision-making processes in authorities and private companies as he has been involved with the governance, evaluation, quality assurance, and propositioning of investment decisions. Through participation and quality assurance of various types of economic analyses, he has acquired considerable skills in the practical application of economic theory. In addition, he has participated in national working groups to develop the methodology and practical use of cost-benefit analyses.

Ingunn has worked with the planning and development of the power system and the transmission grid in Norway and has considerable knowledge of renewable energy and the ongoing green transition. She has a good understanding of the complex causes and effects of changes in energy consumption and production, and their impact on the transmission system. She has experience both as a senior analyst and project manager in various economic analyses of large investment projects. This experience has given her knowledge of the effects of various regulations and policy measures in the energy sector. She is an expert in the methods and application of cost-benefit analyses and valuation of environmental impact.

Carl-Petter and Ingunn contribute to an already solid professional environment on energy and sustainability, cost/benefit analyses, and other economic analyses. We look forward to working with them in the time ahead.

Ingunn Gotland Roll
Ingunn Gotland Roll
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