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Oslo Economics investigates Runehamar Test Tunnel

23.11.2021 - Labor market, welfare and society

On behalf of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Oslo Economics and Safetec are carrying out a study of the Runehamar Test Tunnel. The tunnel of about 1500 meters has previously been part of the ordinary road network, but was closed after a major landslide in 1989. Today, the tunnel is used to strengthen national and international tunnel safety, including by emergency personnel practicing accident incidents in tunnels and by using the tunnel as a development and test arena for new safety products. The tunnel’s design, location and length make it particularly relevant for full-scale tests where everything from pallets to heavy vehicles is ignited, where the fire can have a power of up to 200 MW.

Our employees Øystein Tengesdal and Sindre Gripsgård were in Åndalsnes on an inspection of the test facility last week. Here they got to meet enthusiasts who every day contribute to strengthening the tunnel safety in the country, they got to know the long history of the facility, explore both the tunnel and the landslide area, in addition to getting to know the city of Åndalsnes. The project that is now being implemented aims to shed light on the user and societal benefits of the Runehamar Test Tunnel, as well as opportunities for further management and development of the tunnel.

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