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This year’s summer interns have arrived at Oslo Economics

23.06.2021 - Uncategorized

Every summer, Oslo Economics offers internships for skilled and committed economics students. This year’s interns are now in place for the summer, and they have already got off to a good start with the work. Students get the opportunity to participate in a number of different projects during the summer, and in this way get a broad insight into life at Oslo Economics.

Oslo Economics greatly enjoys our interns in the implementation of our ongoing projects. The students themselves say that they think the internship has been educational so far, and that they are looking forward to the rest of our stay with us. In particular, they highlight the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired through the studies in current and societal issues as exciting.

After a long winter with strict infection control measures, the interns arrive at a time when society is beginning to approach normal. Despite the fact that most of our consultants still work from home, we have arranged for the interns to perform their work tasks from our premises at Crown Princess Märtha’s place if they so wish, and the infection situation allows it.

This summer, the following interns are in Oslo Economics: Martin Haukland, Mathias Schioldborg, Mina Skille Mariussen and Martine Bergh Gundersen. This year’s students have a background from NHH, UiB, and UiO.

We look forward to getting to know our interns better!

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