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Ingrid Bjartveit Krüger

Ingrid Bjartveit Krüger holds a PhD in Economics from 2013 from the University of Oslo. Ingrid’s dissertation described the political economy of resource rich countries, based on econometric analyses using panel data. In the eight years after her PhD, from 2013 to 2021, Ingrid has worked on the topic skills needs, first in the Ministry of Education and Research (2013–16), then in the secretariat of the Norwegian Committee on Skills Needs (2017–20) and finally in the analysis division of former Skills Norway (2020–21). Among the topics Ingrid has worked on is the importance of technological change for future skills needs, digitalization and how social inequality may affect educational choices among youths. Many of the projects that Ingrid works on in Oslo Economics are related to skills, education, and work. 

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