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David Händler Andersen

David Händler Andersen holds a master’s degree in economics, from the University of Oslo, with a specialization in macroeconomics and monetary policy. David also holds a master’s degree in law, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics, from the University of Oslo. David has extensive work experience from the Ministry of Justice (JD). For many years, he was responsible for Norway’s participation in the EU’s cooperation on the handling of asylum seekers (the Dublin cooperation) and similar projects involving international cooperation in the field of migration. He also has experience from the Civil Affairs Department, which manages several areas that are important for safeguarding the individual’s legal security, and the Crime Prevention Department. Many years at the ministry level have given David very good experience with ministerial work processes and a solid understanding of the roles and responsibilities of various authorities. He has gained good interdisciplinary expertise and the ability to identify and assess both legal and economic issues. He has collaborated broadly with foreign authorities.

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