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Henrik Støvring

Henrik Støvring is a statistician with doctoral degrees from the University of Southern Denmark (PhD) and Aarhus University (DMSc). He has been associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark and is now at Aarhus University. He has won the award as best statistical consultant at the University of Chicago, where he was an MSc student on a Fulbright scholarship. For 25 years he has worked with register-based analyzes of health and illness, especially with a focus on patients’ use of prescription drugs (drug utilization studies). With new and innovative epidemiological study designs, he has worked to establish evidence for effects and side effects of drugs (real world evidence, post-authorization safety studies (PASS)). He has developed and implemented new statistical models for analyzes of drug use. He has an extensive production of research articles, is a statistical editor of an international medical scientific journal and has extensive experience in teaching healthcare professionals (regression analyzes, missing data, survival analysis, prediction of treatment needs, etc.). He has experience with market access processes for medicines and has developed new methods for assessing life-year benefits.

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